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Excavación arqueológica


Our region hides its secrets written in stone and ceramic.

Come and discover its interesting history.

Diocesan and Regional Museum of Solsona

Museums of the Area

In our rural area you will find two interesting museums:


Guissona Museum and Archaeological Park of the ancient Roman city Iesso

Parc Arqueològic.jpg

The site hides the Roman city of Iesso (currently Guissona). In the site we will go back more than two thousand years, when the Romans arrived and founded the ancient city. The wall, the entrance, the houses and the baths will help us to discover the Roman splendor of the city and will offer us the only possibility to walk through its streets. The visit is complemented by entering the Archaeological Museum of Guissona.

Roman site of Iesso archaeological park


The Puig Castellar site is a Roman fortress (castellum) from the time of the conquest of Hispania; it was an important military establishment to control the Llobregós river valley, through which an old road passed, used by the Romans to move troops from the coast to the war fronts in the center of the Peninsula, for example Numancia.

Roman site in Biosca


In the vicinity of Montcortès, on top of a hill leveled by continued agriculture, there is a columbarium. The existence of a series of niches excavated in the sandstone rock is observed, where in Roman times the funeral urns containing the ashes of the deceased were placed. Its dimensions are 50 x 50 cm and 60 cm deep.

Columbarium Roman site in Montcortès de Segarra

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