What is a forest bathing?

What is a forest bathing?

It is a practice that consists of spending time in the forest immersing yourself with it with the five senses, with the aim of improving health, well-being and happiness. This activity is very popular in Japan and the Far East, where it is known as Shinrin-yoku.

Taking a forest bath is not a simple walk, or doing physical exercises. It is a more conscious activity, which is lived through all the senses and in a calm way. These activities improve mental, physical and immune health.

Several advanced neurobiological techniques have confirmed that walking in a forest decreases the activity of the prefrontal cortex. In this part of the brain reside the cognitive and executive functions such as planning, solving problems and making decisions.

A forest bath has also been shown to significantly increase the concentration of white blood cells which helps fight infection and cancer.


Open your eyes and see the green of the forest, look at its beauty, in all the details. Concentrate on your breath and smell the smell that leaves give off, smell the moss and the wet earth. Try the fruits of the forest and medicinal herbs that you know. Touch the branches or stones that you find along the way. Hug the trees and feel their energy. Listen to the rustle of the leaves and the wind that walks among them. Hear the songs of the birds or the sound of silence.

Allow yourself a moment of relaxation

Just here in our rural house La Ribereta & Oreneta is a beautiful place where you can practice forest bathing.


We have prepared a path that can be perfect for your relaxation and reduction of accumulated stress. Connect with the forest and with yourself ...

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